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【 basic policy of protection of individual information 】
In MTS Partners, a high arrow, and the meadow patent office, customer's privacy is esteemed, "Basic policy of protection of individual information" is provided as follows, and it tries to protect individual information appropriately.


1.Collection of individual information
Within the range used only for the recruitment activity for the inquiry of guesswork Tstomujo, customer's company name, name, and individual information on the address, the telephone number, the fax number, and the mail address, etc. are collected and used.

2.Management of individual information
Guesswork Tstomujo lectures on prevention and measures for safety so that collected individual information may be managed appropriately and strictly, and unlawful computer access, the loss, destruction or neither falsification nor the leakage, etc. to individual information occur.

3.Offer of individual information to third party
I will do neither indication nor the offer to the third party at all, except when corresponding to the following either.
・When there is agreement of the customer himself
・When it indicates and it offers it at the business tie-up destination when it is necessary in the business management.
・Additionally, when there is a good cause as indication is obligated based on the law.

4.Indication, correction, and deletion of individual information
I will correspond promptly within the reasonable range when indication, the correction, and the deletion, etc. of my individual information are hoped to the customer. I hope even the following where to make contact in that case. I will correspond in a reasonable period when our company can confirm the report is from a person in question.

5.Observance of law
Our company might observe the law and the standard applied for individual information that our company has, and review the handling of the above-mentioned if necessary. In that case, it makes it public on this homepage.


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